VR Studio @ Mutek_IMG Montreal

In view of our VR projects, Félix Arguillère, our Head of Technology, was invited to show his researches about VR, at the MUTEK_IMG in Montreal.

He spoke about the importance of adding real physical effects to the VR experiences, in order to make them even more immersive.

To demonstrate that, Félix presented a simple but efficient installation. He decided to offer the users a bike riding on the famous road 66 ! Thus, by simply getting on the bike and putting on the Oculus Rift, the public was able to feel themselves in the middle of Nevada.

We wanted to enhance the immersion and demonstrate the importance of linking reality and virtual in a VR experience. Therefore, we designed an electronic solution that allow to synchronize the speed of the bike and the user’s effort. In order to even more increase the speed feeling, a fan  was set up to simulate the wind in the user’s face. This fan was also connected to the simulation to go even closer to the biking feeling.

This experience was then included in a customizable environment to be showcased by brands : http://www.vr-studio.fr/portfolio/road-66/

  • Context : R&D / Demonstration
  • Location : MUTEK_IMG / Montreal
  • Date : October 2015
  • Task : Modelisation, Animation, Lighting, Shading, Development, Interaction system