Haagen Dazs - Style Inside VR

For the launch of their new range of products, « le Bâtonnet Parfait », Haagen Dazs wanted to make a strong impression on their audience. They designed, with Extreme agency, a 360 campaign which signature was « Style Inside ».

We were asked to build an exclusive experience to immerse the user in a virtual sensory trip in the heart of the product.

Effectively, we have set up 4 Oculus Rifts during 3 days in the huge mysterious cube on the Saint-Lazare Square. A photobooth was also set to allow the participants to remember and share the experience online.

At the end, the impact of the experience on their audience was such that Haagen Dazs asked us to renew the installation in various stores including their Flagship on the Champs-Elysées.

Press coverage:

  1. Client : Haagen Dazs
  2. Agency : extreme event
  3. Location : Pop-Up Store / Saint Lazare, Paris
  4. Date : May 2015
  5. Task : Concept, Storyboarding, Modelisation, Animation, Lighting, Shading, Development