Ford - KUGA VR Sensations

To celebrate the release of their new SUV, Ford decided to help people answering the question :
« Which Ford KUGA are you ? »

First of all, the participants need to answer a 3-questions-test on tablet to see which of the 3 new Ford KUGA is made for them.
After that, Ford offered them to enjoy an amazing VR experience matching with their personality! Without moving from Paris!

Therefore, we designed 3 tailor-made VR experiences :

  • An impressive and peaceful hot-balloon flight
  • An intense free-ride ski downhill
  • A mind-blowing parachute jump

For the operation, was installed in the middle of Gare de Lyon during 15 days. We have set up 3 Oculus Rifts to enjoy the VR experiences.

  • Client : Ford
  • Agency : Agence m
  • Location : Gare de Lyon, Paris
  • Date : January – Febuary 2017
  • Task : Modelisation, Animation, Lighting, Shading, Development, Experiences designing