Facebook Brand Summit - Interactive Videobooth

For the « FACEBOOK BRAND & VIDEO SUMMIT », Blacklemon asked us to join forces and take part to the creative and visual concepts of the event.
Our answer for the MainStage was to create a squared like scenography with rear-projection and motion design contents for introduction and transition phases.

We also designed an Interactive Videobooth to showcase the new video capabilities offered by both facebook and Instagram. The idea was to take attendees’ phones and create « cinematic » videos of them, sitting on the couch with real-time interactive contents in the background. For that, we developed a « hand-tracking » system to adapt the 3D content to the position of the hand and thus of the smartphone we were holding.
The guests could then leave with a 15 seconds professional video, with stunning 3D visual contents moving live in the background, ready to be shared on Facebook or Instagram.

  • Client : facebook
  • Agency : blacklemon
  • Location : Paris
  • Date : April 2015
  • Task : Main Stage (Concept, Scenography, Motion Design), Interactive Videobooth (Concept, Development, Creative Content, Hand-Tracking System)