Club Med VR - The Place to Ski

To celebrate the first snowfall of the season, Club Med wanted to offer the parisians an amazing experience : Bringing the mountains in the middle of Paris.
Therefore, to illustrate their signature « The Place to Ski », we designed a whole virtual skiing experience. A 2 minutes VR downhill run through forest, cliff jumping and slalom to the chalets of Valmorel in the French Alps.

For the operation, a pop-up chalet was installed in the middle of Gare de Lyon during 10 days. We’ve set up 2 Oculus Rifts to enjoy the skiing experience and 2 Cardboards to showcase 360° photos.

Team Credits :

Project Manager : Etienne LANAUD
Development & Technology Manager : Félix ARGUILLERE
3D Modelling & Level Design : Nicolas RUFFAULT
Sound Design : Nicolas ZUBER

  • Client : Club Med
  • Agency : Ubi bene
  • Location : Gare de Lyon, Paris
  • Date : Novembre 2015
  • Task : Modelisation, Animation, Lighting, Shading, Development, Storytelling & Experience designing