CAP3000 - Virtual Visit

After testing few home-made VR roller coasters at the studio, movingdesign came to us with a great concept for a future project in Nice.
We were asked to build a virtual journey around the future CAP3000 center.

After few storyboards, we agreed on a tailor-made roller-coaster that would allow us to discover the outside and inside of the center in a never-seen way. We added to the experience a relaxing ending in the sea, under water.

We’ve set up 5 oculus rifts during 30 days into the actual center to show the people how their future center will look like.

The campaign was a real success with high impact on local and specialized press, more than 30.000 people trying the experience onsite and around 1.000.000 reach online.

Team Credits :

Project Manager : Max COISNE
Development & Technology Manager : Félix ARGUILLERE
3D Modelling & Level Design : Tiffany MAZEAU, Fabien CAZENABE, Claire BELFIORE
Sound Design : Nicolas ZUBER
Technical Supplier : AC3 STUDIO

  • Client : Altarea-Cogedim / Cap3000
  • Agency : movingdesign
  • Location : In-Store / Nice
  • Date : May 2015
  • Task : Modelisation, Animation, Lighting, Shading, Development, Technical Supply