BNP Protect 360°

BNP Cardiff , the Insurance Branch of the BNP Paribas group and the Cardiff Lab wanted to create an immersive and interactive VR Experience to present in an innovative and immersive way their Insurance services.

Therefore, they asked us to think of a tailor-made VR Experience that could explain the users the use of their mobile Insurance, but also to entertain them on a quite serious subject.

To answer these different objectives, we decide to create a VR Gaming Experience in which you are not bigger than your phone, and you must defend it against the 3 main risks : Damages, Theft and Breakdown using a shield.
To show the importance of getting an Insurance, we devided the game in two steps :
– First you have to defend it without Insurance (with a small and ineffective Shield)
– Then with an insurance, illustrated by a far better Shield branded BNP Cardiff and coins to repair your phone.

Results :
– As intended, more than 90% of the Players loose the first game (without Insurance) and win the second one (with BNP Cardiff Insurance)
– Experience presented in several countries and at VivaTech 2017
– A real raise of the awareness, in the targetted areas, around the role played by BNP on the Insurance market

The first animation in numbers :
– 15 days of instore animation
– More than 1000 people from every profiles and ages played Protect 360°

  • Client : BNP cardif
  • Agency : Creative Space Lab
  • Location : Instore & Lab : BNP Cardif Lab, Paris / Romania
  • Date : March 2017
  • Task : Scenario, Modelisation, Animation, Lighting, Shading, Gameplay